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Absolutely Free Trolls World Tour Invitation

Hi! Welcome to your free Trolls World Tour Invitation printable download.

The trolls are back in a more colorful and brighter 2nd movie! Trolls are such a great hit to kids because of the rainbow colors and the musicals. It is also a feel-great comedy movie, adults will love too! In the 2nd movie, the new antagonist is Queen Barb who leads the tribe of techno trolls in the midst of an underwater D.J. concert.

The old trolls movie was great as well, but there are new characters in the story your kids will love. Here is a simple invitation to help you celebrate your upcoming Trolls birthday party! Featuring a rock loving trolls hand in blue and pink (it is that of Poppy and Branch, i think). It has a dark background with spotlights with a concert feel to it,

Lastly, feel free to fill in the blanks with your party details such as the name and age of celebrant, date and time of the party, and rsvp.

Download your Free Trolls World Tour Invitation

Use the .jpg file if downloading the invitation from a mobile device. Open it in your photos and select edit. Add your party details using the built in photo editor, particularly the “add text” tool. Save your invitation!

Use the Microsoft Word file if downloading the invitation from a computer. Open it in Word and select the text to replace or edit. Save your invitation!

Let me know in the comments if you were able to download the free invites. Please do not forget to share this with your friends! Have an amazing rock concert birthday party!

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