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Quarantine Birthday Party Theme

It is the year 2020 and your birthday falls on March, April, or May where a pandemic is currently happening and quarantine is in place. Coronavirus, NCOV or COVID is such a party pooper! We should be celebrating our birthday party with friends, family and classmates but social distancing won’t let us because it is safer at home.

But that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating our birthday. People have been very creative celebrating with fun printables to take memorable photos, inviting family and friends to greet the celebrant via zoom meeting, or inviting everyone for a birthday parade!

Here are some photos to give you quarantined birthday ideas. Warning: some of them may be funny!

Mom made funny quarantine-theme photo shoot for baby's 1st ...


Quarantine birthday party theme for this boy. Clearly none were invited! :))

LOOK: This Adorable Baby Had a Quarantine Birthday Party - When In ...


Cool room, unfortunately only mom and dad is allowed inside. :))

Photos: PHOTOS: Quarantine car parade for Framingham 10-year-old's ...


Party in place, literally outside your house. Friends can drive through to greet you a Happy Birthday! You can give them treats too!

All of that could be fun and more! In times like this, we all just have to stay positive and help any way we can, stay at home. Our birthday is a blessing worth all the reason to celebrate! So go ahead and plan a quarantine birthday party theme!

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