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Little Blue Truck Invitation Wording

Little Blue Truck Invitation Wording

Wondering how to turn your child’s favorite book (The Little Blue Truck) into an invitation?
I wondered about that too, have you heard?
Clients have asked many times to change their Little Blue Truck invitation wording to fit their child’s 1st birthday, 2nd or 3rd. So, I did a little research and found these Little Blue Truck phrases that makes awesome invitation wordings or text.
All we have to check is if the words rhyme with One, Two, or Three (for your child’s age on his birthday)!

Below are catchy Little Blue Truck invitation wording samples:

1st Birthday Invites Wording
Horn went BEEP!
Engine purred.
Friendliest sounds
you ever heard.
Celebrate a day of fun!
Jason is turning ONE!

2nd Birthday Invites Wording
Beep Beep!
With an oink, and a moo
and a cock-a-doodle-doo,
our little buckaroo,
Jason, is turning TWO!

Sheep said, “Baaa!”
Cow said, “Moo!”
“Oink!” said a piggy
“Let’s Party!” Said Blue!
Jason is turning 2!

3rd Birthday Invites Wording
Sheep said, “Baaa!”
Cow said, “Moo!”
“Oink!” said a piggy
Join us as
Jason turns THREE!

What makes it exciting is that “it rhymes!” Check out these other cool invitation wording samples that you can use or customize for any age.

Get in gear
3rd birthday
Is almost here!

Horn went “Beeep!” Engine purred.
Jason is turning One!
Haven’t you heard?

Have you picked a favorite? Use any of these quotes to personalize your Little Blue Truck invitation wording.
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