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Free Building Blocks Invitation Download

Free Building Blocks Lego Invitation

Free Building Blocks Invitation Printable Just For You!

Hi there! Are you thinking of a DIY party theme to celebrate your kid’s birthday at home? Consider a building blocks (Lego-inspired) theme party and your little boy or girl will surely love it. It is convenient because most household with kids have a Lego, Duplo or other building blocks at home. You can use these toys to decorate your party or to facilitate games. It is colorful and fun!

Before I create another blog for Lego party decors and games, let me share with you a building blocks invitation free printable which you can download and edit using your phone or Microsoft Word. Or, you can simply print it and fill in the blanks with your party info.

Download free Lego blocks invitation below:

Use the .jpg file if downloading the invitation from a mobile device. Open it in your photos and select edit. Add your party details using the built in photo editor, particularly the “add text” tool. Save your invitation!

Use the Microsoft Word file if downloading the invitation from a computer. Open it in Word and select the text to replace or edit. Save your invitation!

Let me know in the comments if you were able to download the free invites. Please do not forget to share this with your friends! Have an amazing play, build birthday party!

Building Blocks Lego Printable Invitation

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