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Convert PDF to JPG


Occasionally, you would need to use a .jpg format if you want to print at a photo lab, post on social media, or to send your files as sms or text. If you need to convert your PDF file to a .jpg (or picture file), please follow these simple steps:

Go to this website:
*It is an online and browser-based PDF converter.

– upload your “edited PDF”
– select 300 ppi for the quality (high quality)
– convert
– a new page will load, and you will see a view and download link. Click download to get your .jpg file.


If you are having issues such as font not updating after you have installed the fonts or seeing blank highlighted fields after you typed in your text – please update your Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) to the latest version. It simply means that the file that you are editing is not compatible with the version of your software, it needs to be updated.

If you are still having trouble editing your files or if you can not convert it, pls send me your edited PDF file and i will convert it for you.
You can also email me the details to put on your invite and i will edit for you. You can find my email below.


For concerns with your order or custom requests:

Send a text via Whatsapp!
Email us at